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released January 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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Track Name: So Detailed
It’s Hip-hop | In tha Bloodline | And tha physical | Opaque
That gets off | From one line | Leave them critical | Poste Haste

Spit raw | Conduct mine | As interviews | and don’t take
Shit y’all | From punk guys | and bitter fools | wit closed rank

It’s my life and passion | Whut I live and breathe
Tha type of light and ration | Come as gifts from HE

To write the lines imaged | None of which concede
To likes of bad men | That want tha piff for mean

Or evil purposes | demons strike | Hell fire
A phoenix birth it is | seen as like | prevailed flyer

From beneath tha earth risen | believed to spike | unveiled wires
Qualms and quirks prevent | seeing sight | detailed higher

Imagining latter things | taken from your core
Or battling that in me | when faced wit tugs of war

Patterns in tha matter scream | mistakes from ones before
My outer beams to Saturn rings | its space that one explores

When moscato champagne Verdes pumpin, cuz now I'm 30 sumthing
Cuz its about showing ya buddy love, like Ms Perdys humpin
Relate, its give and take to date, in flirty functions
And whutever else apps and games equipped wit qwerty buttons
Curve ya toughness to tha excitement of Hilary Duff fans
Wit Duff cans, looking for Chuck Woolery love plans
Even if you don't want my body, and get Jiggy wit Puff man
Never giving up, live it up when its kill or be fucked fam
Figureatively butt spam, think pink sock as steamed cock
Exits a pleased broad wit a donkey punch equivilent to Steve Fox
Combined wit a he bot off tree lots until ya dream stops
And when you come to ya complete knot, u end in a defeat spot
Tha team swat bugs, taught us shoo fly quit bothering
Before I whoop yo ass cuz ya pops didn't and I didn't question his fathery
Choking off ya curly top, thus making you observe tha lost
And realized at conception you should dried up on a dirty sock

So outta courtesy won't ask, but purposely go pass
Tha perfect tree rolled fast, off purple we grown ass
Men, as we bend in a Mercury Topaz
While we hold flask that keep us dizzy, and certainly no jazz
No B's then tha bowl glass, strike 3 turkey bowl past
Punk bitch funky no Crass, plus we burning yo flag
Like we turned to go bad, but deeds come from yo dad
Omni cuz he knows that, its defeat to the unknown cats
Mo' raps of doe stacks, coke crack in whole packs
Phone taps, on 4 rats wit wit mo gats than those cats
In iraq get close capped, are those facts or poor spat
For your acts implore tact, and tha report is torn back
Absorb that, then store back, take discipline wit chore maps
Or of course that deploy mats to bring knocking to your door stat
From tha verbal Zorak, Al Gore mixed wit Borat
A live Lorax, with a thorax to cuddle without tha cologne or Axe
Track Name: GOLDNIGGER (Adventures III)
Awake on a cloudy day and set tha ship for course
Get baked in a cloud of haze, then sexual intercourse
But then hate surrounds a stage for threats to get enforced
For signatures around a page, that just ends in divorce
Now I'm, eastbound and down to persue whut's procrastinational
Greeted once I touched down wit pounds by this dude at a skater show
So we start dro, and hard toe, he says his name is HarshPro
We hits bars whole, and sparks flows from tha chest, no Tony Stark tho
Weather seen through Ororo's ojos, he proposed slow
Why don't we, nosotros, rock Canopy for sho tho
I said I see a great idea like Taco Doritos Locos
Open for locals my job, plus rolled dough at Manolos
Stayed wit D and J, fallouts between me and A
Its gravy, you and yo wife hit me up is all I need to say
Met Ahksana on my birthday thru J. Kelly
Moved to 504, wit Sam, Hayden, and this dude named Belly
Harshpro and half of tha Agenda of Kristov
Plus some asshole that stole my Xbox, I'm pissed off
But I digress, so my main goal was to get focused
Just when I thought tha shits hopeless, I got back up wit Hipgnosis
We collabed, Ear Responsibily he produced, and my pen wrote it
Until it was time to go inside tha booth and let my lips quote it
So developed black magic, also wit some bad habits
Stuff that old folks see us do and yell dag-nab-it
Didn't care, my mentality was when I saw that ass, tag it
Getting beavers angry like one's Norb and that's Daggit
After tha sperm was spittin, i'd purchase some German tickets
To get as close to Gods crib as possible because tha words repentance
In retrospect, I understand why it needed to happen
Because I was my worst foe, I need to attack him
Upon defeat, I sway him to die
Cuz you'll go thru nothing worse than tha war raging inside
Beat up all tha demons, and rose up like a phoenix
Or D is, to shine brighter than a sun burst wit a helix
Then something happened, it seemed tha worlds a better place
Better hope, for better wrotes, wit better dro, for better taste
Better hoes, from better clothes, sip better drinks, we never chase
S o get along, those little dog, and any race, you'll never place
Or elevate, and excovate tha landscape of you
Tha strength of a thousand can never shake tha damn faith of two
I know whut I'm to do, can y'all cats manage
Is whut I ask my boy and GM at Fat Sandwich
Yeah man be wit ya kids, because they need they pops
And if you ever come back to Tha Paign, hit me if u need a job
As well as for tha seeds I tried to help certain peeps
They didn't want it for themselves, so I started working G
So first I released MISS'N, produced by Lou Rich of Misenthrope
N Other Words was clean, but not enough for christian folks
Took a break, then Teegle asked would I come smoke wit him
introduced me to TZ, then I dropped tha KOKUJIN
Then AutoCOON 1 & 2 is giving mo dinners
Until I arrive here today as GOLDNIGGER
Track Name: Syllibustin'
Sing song spit this, ping pong hits with
Teams strong gifted, scheme on business
Greet our wishes, See all digits
Beyond six figs, be on trips lit
See lithe misses, King Kong dick them
Me pipe chick then, ding dong ditch them
Bring bong wit piff, steam drawn when hit
We gone lifted, here dawg, split this...
Cigarillo for pillows no little type of Willow B's
Yo quiero dinero to purchase some Black Widow please
No comparo, to cero fiend wit tha itch for cortizone
Because El Perro, El Perro, El Perro es mi corazon
Illistrater, to fill in haters on current policy
Seal discussions from sylibustin tha verbs demolishing
Tha grounds in which you standing comparable to Gamorrah
To be diagnosed wit sickness and loving disorder, u can't...


I can look into my mind, into tha past and rewind, to remind me that I'm going insane...

So for tha rest of my life, won't get upset cuz I like, this new feeling of laughing at tha poor and vein...

So take a look in my eyes, just to see if you find, tha reason why I'm going insane...

If I perceive it as real, because I think then I feel, can u sheild my ashes from tha pouring rain


Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la, connect tha dots and get tha pic
Get in tha shop and kick it till its Leprechuan indigenous
Deflect tha rods of Icarus, effecting spawns of insulence
Protecting pawns and idiots, protesting all tha immigrants
Arresting Wongs, Niggers, Spicks rejecting y'all religous myths
Ejecting all tha gender mixed
Bring genocide to innocents
Kamikaze killer, on a pill of meth concealing fear
Meaning death is certain, so when it come there's no feeling here
If given choice to take red or blue, how would you weigh ya vote
Would you try to break from tha grid or blindly pray for hope
Manning up and raising ya kids, or money on tha road
Do you leave or stay for tha seeds, cuz that's no place to grow
For stability, you need a strong base and structure
Tha right supplies, and hard work, I see it going upward
Then you'll be touching stars, so when doubt comes in dreams
If u think it is, tha minds a powerful thing



To teach, is whut I would hope to do, so you know tha scoop
Beginning and ending wit ego, giving a feeling of pride like Sokoujou
Concealing tha healing, or dealing and killing tha demons so there's hope for you
Cuz villians are willing, to finish, diminish from pealing ya cap or dome to blue
So for true, first you gotta understand tha method of madness
Develop tha core, perfect and explore to advance to tha head of tha classes
So fed up wit tha bad men, tellin tha masses, listen to this and listen to that
Producing tha sounds of a fake chow, I dive into lickin tha cat
Cuts conceived cause compassion created
Crust concedes cross catastrophy catered
Odd obtainings ooze organisms
Oz ovulating original organ rhythms
Rectified rightcheousness ready raw repentance
Respected rhyme, ripe in rits, reject, recall, re-niggings
Note nuclear non-chalance neglecting Naboo
Nuture, N-correct nomeclature, Corn Tha Coon
Track Name: 1, 2 Many
Whut is it wit niggaz fakin to tha maximum, birthing zombie clones to attract tha mass to em
A man of god as a pastors son, but these street fighters won't harrass a bum
From an Axiom, we tha allies, so we don't identify in tha Axis's
You don't have to repay me, cuz there no fee for awesome or attractiveness
Some have tha spit but they lack tha gift, unless gone off a jeffry and half a fifth
So to tha pen and pad my ass commits, tha rest can eat teriyaki soaked nads and dicks
Cuz you ain't seen war unless there's scabs from hits, of a task that's meant to be ya last event
To barely make it past tha inch, of yo life in tha pinch of ya last defense
To hit an audible to a pass prevent, if u don't like tha answer, don't ask me then
Leave fresh prints, like jazzys friend, or stay tha baby of tha fam like Ashley did
Are we matchin cigs, nigga wrap tha B, when I see these clown I be laughin G
Cuz while they putting on an act to me, they down inside, and its sad to see
But it is HaHa funny, when Madonnas don't make Lady Gaga money
So they settle down in a town, and can't smoke, cuz all u left wit is a knick like Lala's honey
Then u back on ya grown, but lackin a home, in exile from tha attack of tha clones
Be careful, who you let jack in your dome, and tha only witness is that of ya own

Genocide to copies go ahead and kill yoself

In tha end it is tarnished, in tha shallow end, tha direct concept of tha artist
Because u aspire to be, just like those u desire to see
And be heard by prior to scenes, shot in limbo environment free
Tha tyrant in me, was selected then infected, by those who swore that my rights were protected
But tha prospect did become a weapon only due to tha concious indirected
Thus accepted to be responsible, for tha power they was giving and tha constant toll
That it pays on tha body if ya want to fold, no mercy for tha weak i once was told
When it come to cold I'm antarctican, believing for a reason to spark again
and get together with tha parliment, to create a constitution to start again
No partisans or protestants, just tha higher power of God is it
Without it, you going on a toxic binge, regardless of spending on ya wod of 10's
but at anytime God forgives, no if or ands or arguements
Create ya own mold and dont copy men, without a base you can not begin
Track Name: DWS
Tha time is now to get back to tha base
To denounce would be a smack in tha face
To change rearrange whut you currently plan
Trust in HIM, you most certainly can

Nigs demeanor is for kids to receive tha
Teachings from Jesus, or Buddha just to lead a
Life closer to peace, not coasting but rolling
At a pace thats slow enough to smell all tha roses
One of HIS kids so I feel I’m a chosen
Bask in tha light of sun, live like I’m golden
Cuz I’m living life for him, a present in which
Is wrapped in this packaging, cuz he said its a gift
When going to be wit him, it’s better than this
When tha world weighs u down, he helps wit incredible lift
I hope this legible piff is as comprehended as etiquette
Understanding all, tha subject and tha predicate
Known from Baja Cali up to Connecticut
Don’t act like tha rest of tha 3rd rock is irrelevant
Free just like a pelican, whether homeless or felon men
Put ya cards in HIS box, than you sure as hell’ll win

Pressure makes diamonds, or crushes individuals
To sell and make a profit or to put you in tha critical
Life equals Gods gift, plus fluid from tha genitals
Combined wit tha pot we call tha womb, increasing chemical
Action and re-action of tha atoms that split
Into zygotes then to more complex actions will commit
To form tha body of tha animal that is with-in
Physical, plus tha spiritual, now fathom tha gift
Given when I recite this prodical spit
Thats given from Tha Father like a conjucal hit
That I’ll end up enlightened’s whut tha Omen omits
But to perceive and believe, is a promise you’re his
Not tryin to come at you like a reverened intels
And Peace only speaks of tha heaven in self
Tha bars come from everywhere, but NEVER from jails
I’m part him, so feel me as letters in braile.......

I’m here to intertwine ya ventricles, and interline ya minerals
Written lines are beneful, because time is minimal
I’m here to climb to pinnacle, as a spirit of life in general
Dip and chime in tervals, adhere to light and spirituals
I’m here to bring peace, and calm instead of releasing bombs
That cause infections in baby’s of Tahitian moms
Just read tha psalms, and let buddah greet wit palms
Cause before you go against, KNOW you can’t defeat a GOD
Contrary to pop belief, I gotta conceive
That change comes from self, and if u opt to agree
Then u understand tha just and got tha degree
Of praise and thanks it means a lot to me G
Things won't exist, if there's no acknowledgement
Focus tha solstice, to achieve deeper solaces
Cause everything you learn probably won't be from colleges
It'll be from THA PARENT, cuz we are OUR FATHER'S KIDS......
Track Name: Sorry Charlie (Murphy)
Don't sir, say to your self that its over, remain collectively sober, and have some drive like a schoffer
Dream like Olajuwans poster, because tha world is ya oyster, so make it rain and get moister, that's my opinion, just voice yours, boy or,
Womanly body wit femininity, taste so sweet like cinnamon to me
WEEOO, WEEOO Arnie Palmie alert, lemon in tha tea
On my daughter, give a Mogwai water, into making these cuts I don't con my barber
No Enzyte, but I'm harder, in tha mug I'm smarter, nigga plus I'm darker
So I'm fuckin something on Cicero, or Exchange when we spit to hoes
If you missed it tho acting Episcapol, U stay a sidekick, Joe Piscapo
Pop shit like eating chewed up gum, Chop it up then get screwed up some
Smokin on some Bs and consume up rum
Til I'm sorry Charlie Murphy havin to much fun
Lookin at girls wit too much bum, Not ones wit cups and tha spewed up chum
But ones that keep they little pink duck pretty, Not tha fecal flowers from shit butt city
High in tha sky, stayin fly till we die, Tha pilot is I, so try to see my
Fusion provided wit common surprise


Get your favorite drink and kick it like tha end of days
And let your mind be free
If you want to adapt, you have to begin to change
So let your mind be free
Owning up to self, that is tha only way
To Let your mind be free
And live like you're a child at play
Just let it go you'll see

Pause indirect for tha cause and effect, when you made to feel tha rhythm from ya balls to ya neck
No clause to protect tha involved intellect, cause you just lost one, all from a threat
Now calmly collect, tha result of tha mess, that is the epidamy of an ego trip
Like I lost my mind is how Tha Negro spits, In tha Aragon (air-a-gone) on some Viggo shit
If I like a chick well then he gone hit, if she likes my guy, well then we gone get
In a minage after she pours this, shots of Vodka and Seagrams Gin
We gon live, in tha mind of an artist creating a beautiful plaque
Cause all that he know is, You only get a chance at tha hands no moving them back
Track Name: B. E. Niggans
B rolling 2 minutes, as long as tha task takes
Smack a fat bitch butt, to see how her ass shakes
Take tha fruits of life in a bowl then add grapes
Make a nutritious diet to lose weight at a fast pace
Head to open mic, to set fire to mic stands
Then drink until developing an off drunken like stance
Then we str8 soaring, unbeknownst to a flight plan
Go home and take something down wit a light tan
Redbones or homegirl roast like a Thai bake
Wake and hydrate, from fornicating a primate
How much possible dick can a dime take
Before she stops acting all jealous and Irate
Question marks, to tha awkwardest pause
Thinkin about a strange ass stalker in drawls
Thats tha only time I’ll be missin in action
Suffer a head rush from tha kiss of tha dragon
Been in tha game a minute, u couldn’t bench Nig
You smell whut I'm on, in tha nose where tha stench digs
Imprints, that lead to nausea and then sick
Then come out thin fit, ready to inflict
A movement thats subject to improvment
But if we abuse it, its gonna be doomed then
And trust if u follow my words, it will be proven
That yo stranglehold will be equal or greater than Nuge's
Pinned up wit contusions felt like a car crash
If you silly wit it, give them that smart ass
But don't forget tha flavor of organic tart razz
Or it'll make ya work double like a Mario Kart dash
Approach it fearless in tha shadows of a dark mass
Beginning wit an Idea, in tha brain where it's sparked at
Make an Ironman, like Tony Starks dad
So if it don't amount, then you wrong in ya sharp math

Invest well, especially knowing that sex sells
Will you profit from tha product, only success tells
Limelight and shine bright, thus makin it less pale
Whether spitin bars like jungle gyms, or tha best jails
True, forget tails, unless teamed wit a hedgehog
Until I’m buggin like tha scene in a dead log
Blow down wood till tha smog of a dead fog
B’s, I K-9 without knowledge of said dogs
Me been to college, well heck naw
Tha spits right, cuz tha vocab is in check y’all
Ass clean in white pants, no need to go get drawls
Teach tha tykes, then I’ll go eat wit tha Westfalls
But to say u done this, and aint taken just one dip
As in naked swimming or removings of one chip
From a sauce, only concludes that you done shit
You better get ya job back at Dun-Miff
Or ask God to bless you in tha present wit some gift
Unless wanna try to get hard like numb tits
Area around tha areola, barely sober
Beatin punks to submission just to declare its over
Cuz you can’t popcorn like Kerasotes
Fight of tha night, no we don’t share tha bonus
From these 2 pieces, i bet you’ll be warry from
Knowing it turned ya precious moment to a scary one
Delarious, thinkin age of aquarius
I’ll abort fools before they can be born ceserion
Fuck all tha sub-woofing coming from Clarion
Get my dairy on, in hopes of sippin that Perignon
Black Magic wit tha waving of varied wands
Or tinker wit tha world, to go get ya fairy on
As my Rhapsody, is like Queen, it carries on
Cuz one of these will be a homerun like Barry Bonds
Track Name: Showdown
Raw I'm a give it to ya, wit no trivia
I put that on Mya, Lijah, and Olivia
Pressure makes diamonds, but here it break tibias
Wit a movement big enough to replace Libya wit late India
Debate anyone, disgrace tha face of injured thugs
Till sour like a lemon cuz, they now have fake appendages
So now a timid buzz, combined wit heroin and buds
Makes for an addiction confliction, as those off prescription drugs
Considered such, when copying whut your mentor does
Gain knowledge of aliens without tha sensor fuzz
Make sure to see tha stops, or else you'll miss your bus
And become a commander of hatred against tha Venture Bros
I'm kneeing my way out when tha Thai clinch is plum
Leave opponents disturbed, after they've been stricken some
To get tha message out is tha mission bum
Same as a knights tale by Ulrich Von Lichten son


A sickened bum, that makes bitches cum off a hit and run
Smoked to tha roach end, after being lit, it is done
Attack high, mid, low counter hits to different stuns
Dinners ate in bulk, satisfied, when tha shipments done
Clean up scraps, swifter floors and Libman crumbs
Laughin at cats like they jokes is hittin guts
Then rest on tha porch wit lemonade in my Lipton son
For that sweet life as Zach living in tha Tipton, just
Can't be beat even if u working jerks
When rappin is whuts happenin like Dirt McGirt
Strip dry ya red meat, until there's jerky perks
Vegans don't want rap beef, then Tofurkey works
Then purp is burned in salute to tha foreGods
After taking thousands wit tha strength of hardcore bods
If left to me, u taking one to tha head
You can tell who tha losers, he's tha one that is dead
Track Name: Corn Tha Coon feat. Miguel Tucker - Sleep on tha Beat
Verse 1 - Corn Tha Coon

Never sleep on tha beat, or cheat on tha beat, on some TLC late night creep on tha beat
But when I speak on tha beat, I hit it and kick it its like my voice is in tha fist or tha feet
Not your fist on your meat, and your stick comes to bleep, but muse for amusement
Makin hits and contusions, until ya shit gets to brusing, and trip to illusions
When u hit em wit tha rhythm of tha full force, wit tha same seasoning as pulled pork
Shootin for ya goals on a full court, but didnt get tha point cuz u pulled short
But I've designed a play, to find a way, wit time and faith, to get a 1st at tha line today
And all you gotta do is move like you proving to everyone, u don't like to hibernate
If it doesn't result in a score, then that my mistake and a review of tha testiment
But if you can get passed that line and stay, it'll prove to be tha excellence
That'll make it tha fecies, AKA tha best wit tha thesis,
Straight logic in tha flesh tryin to be free, and giving nothing less on tha beat G, C-T-C
I let it feed me, and then conceive these as tha audio version of optic illusion
My sonic intrusion will mutate ya genes when bathed in my toxic infusion
Cuz its tha kind of a thrill that you know is sign and sealed
And if u off No-Doze and so woke can't fall back then u might as well, not sleep on tha beat


This is dedicated to tha coldest and yes, also been known as tha best
For making music for tha soul to confess, blow to tha head or smoke to tha chest
Or for education and promotion of sex, while tha wack can go wit tha rest
Music that I know is tha mess, So I say my flow and profess

Verse 2 - Miguel Tucker

Look good, even when I don't smile, spit a dope rhyme, profound, up in no time
Got up a sentence of pronouns, I poke out, go all out in tha game, but I won't fire
Tell me this is whut it comes to, a city full of wack niggaz that I run thru
Yeah, they talk that real shit, when they figure that a muthafucka tell them where to go to,
HELL, I'm not like a lot of them, I don't got a lot of bitch, I'm like a protestant
I speak my mind from a lot of them, but still ain't nobody here thats hot as him
Belittling old ass spitters wit lyrical skills, I'm killin em
I'm having my way with tha game, like that hick in Deliverance
They ain't bout this shit, Tell 'em get a good view, watch this shit
Show 'em how to do it with a heavy influence, under tha influence, thought you knew this shit
Ain't shit like Bigge, ain't shit like Twista
If we talking lyrical skills, I'll show you bitches tha difference
Simon said Nifty you should kill 'em all
They always quick to say you over when they never start
Miguel, YEAH…


Verse 3 - Corn Tha Coon

Some nights i still sleep on tha beat outta ignorance, as i dwell in imaginate figament
Into tha bottoms of tha deepest most intamite, to figure out tha sitch and then commit
To tha vision sent, so i can render it, whut i carry inside like Bender shit
Cuz if he lets it fester it'll injure him, thus burning you up like Cinder quick
Express tha aggression progressively, bless a confession collectively
Profess ya collected like jet debris, And object or contest that thats anti me
Cuz I'm all about getting tha panty D, Rawls in tha Lou while we playing thee
Cuts off USB, setting tha mood to damage and slay tha beave
When its detramental, an instrumental can make you get a pencil, or pistol whip you
Or it can make you cut all tha shit you into, as it is a gensu wit crystal grip grooves
It prevents dudes from seeming wack, believing that, they can actually rhyme
And u get whut you put in, so to get a foot in, it takes practice and factual time
Stack you some lines, go back and refine, and i guarantee right after that you will find
That you created ya own map thru tha mind, just thru melodic tone as an act of devine
Conseption, so when you wake up, everything is bathed in tha truth
So all thats left is to alarm others so they can awake from tha stoop
Track Name: Sunshine
Get ya shine on wit focus through a state
That other wanna feel ya warmth when you illumenate
Cuz while you burning bright, others renew a faith
That good things come to tha patient and those who will wait
Cuz a man wit a tan, demanding it gets glory
Like waking to ya love giving it, tha next morning
Don’t take my word, listen to these confessed stories
Of gettin so much shine they need SPF 40
To block out tha bad rays and take in tha good sun
To grow to live tha opposite fate as a hoodlum
Stand next to tha solar complected, relate to Tha Goodrum
For Sunny D JUICE, like That Was A Good One
I could bathe in tha light for whole hours
Move tha stationary to manipulate and control showers
To warm cold cowards
And let them know that its more than Blacks and Koreans
that have Sol Power

Sunshine, Tha light of life that saved me, baby
Not one time, but all times I was hazy, crazy
Relating, to those wit love and life
That want to shine in spite
Of Darkness, burn it bright, Sunshine

For crazy sake, I'll take a gravy plate
Wit eggs so sunny side up they like to radiate
Add on a sunkist and some baby cakes
As well as a crystal light for my ladies drank
Say ya p's if you eating blazing wings
Teasers bring shocks that shoot thru ya soul like laser beams
There's heat to start beef then lift off is often
Cause a girls hot, from knowing that her lips gloss is poppin
From telling a girl there's something you have to know
To then dating in tha truth of tha light and afterglow
Some people fear power, so it leaves them panicing
While I embrace tha job and snap thru my shenanegans
Manakin Anakin replicas of a death star
Rays, equates time spent on confessin tha best bars
If you not well, your not as a whole
Cuz you are without sun, thats why they call it ya sol

Sunshine, Tha light of life that saved me, baby
Not one time, but all times I was hazy, crazy
Relating, to those wit love and life
That want to shine in spite
Of Darkness, burn it bright, Sunshine

Bask up in tha Zenith
Burns as if you grasp tha complete mastery of phoenix
Then all ya blasts’ll be a helix
Then your beacon will burn until tha mass believes tha heated
When asked if raised in tha nebulus, then tha answers yes
Made to with stand intense amount, that’s why i am cancerous
Cuz even when i’m desperate, from fear up in tha nightfall
I re-ignite with mighty splendor, and keep it burning bright yall
A group of tight stars equals constellations
A group of like minds wit tight bars, is a congregation
So tha point i guess that I’ma gonna go on to say then
Is tha only difference between tha two is tha time and placing
You’ll see clusters touch, then break away to say that they
Just laying low, praying for, and entity to save they day
But its gatorade, plus faith, and whut you make today
to think about, relate, ladled great on plates to take

Sunshine, Tha light of life that saved me, baby
Not one time, but all times I was hazy, crazy
Relating, to those wit love and life
That want to shine in spite
Of Darkness, burn it bright, Sunshine
Track Name: E.O.E
Can you say that you know you, or do you blame others for your bad luck
Just a mad fuck, running all thru ya life, kinda trife feeling like ya ass stuck
And then attack us, as if we responsible for you, what you don't know and what you look at
Is tha fact that what you eat don't make me shit, you just make yaself look bad
Cause now you exhibiting traits that are animalistic, then tha terrible miscon-
Seption, is to act as a bitch is, then you can't stop same as an addiction
Bitter girls become bitter teens, which then develops to a woman's scorn
Until she's depleted and bombed out, as war in middle eastern countries becomin torn
It might sound wack, but you can bounce back, thru a profound act, called getting to know you
Not on tha outside, but tha inside, in heart, in mind and tha whole truth
I'm talkin tha WO-MAN in tha mirror, to kill tha energy of ya enemy, then you see,
Ya Zen will be, channeled and clear vision centering for empathy mimicking
And once you do that I guarantee that you will be so self aware
With a giant weight lifted off ya shoulders, and so light you can see yaself on air
GOD bless tha child that has their own, and deal with your acts child or grown
And whut you put out is whut you get back, no exceptions from now till gone

In this world you gotta know, everyone's not gonna show you honesty
So when you act, then you own, and that's just a part of growing responsibly,
Knowing that tha... same thing goes...
*For tha goose and gander, or tha Cougars and Panthers, that'll look inside of theyself for tha truth in tha answer
**For tha Gander and Goose, because tha plans to produce, a strong base from
penetrating tha deep and planting tha roots

Do you believe that tha identical goes for every individual
Not from morally biblical stand points, but tha stand point that tha same goes for tha original
As if you was a, smooth dude dating 2 bad ones, but one cheats and admits this
So as a result, outta revolt you go upside her head, do you have tha right to get pissed
Tha equidistance between he and tha misses is similar when speaking on him or her
Cuz I'm just proving G, that's its equal oppurtunity, for you and me congruent, read tha literature
Cuz for sho tho, whut you don't know, it had to restore tha balance, gravitating more toward tha core to challenge
Tha inner most of tha host whether they accept or abort to tha court, because they were born of malice
Just be versed in, if I murk him, then I serve 10, but then karmatically I'm hurtin
So I loose my life, I deserve it
By this purpose, stay virtuous by sharing your experiences in church cliques
Or talkin to a counselor about your tribs, to get it off your chest and make life perfect
Or at least, close to pic you depict or imagine, how you live whut your thinkin or fathom
If you aim for tha rings up at Saturn, tha opposite can happen if believed and encountered
But if balance is acheived nothing matters, whether on your own or made to from affirmative acts
And remember if u feel empty, to do tha opposite cuz whut I'm stating is certainally facts
Track Name: Radio (Single)
Y'all remember, whut it used to be
To whut it is now, its whut we choose to be
So if I have a choice, to fly away like eagles
Or be held down, then I'm stayin single

She said I never met SOMEONE LIKE YOU, she said
She remind me of SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW, by a PAYPHONE we used to go
While WE ARE YOUNG we said excuse me hoe, now we calling baby
In hopes of forming STARSHIPS, and she would CALL ME MAYBE
Tha WILD ONES are GLAD YOU CAME, whut makes you BEAUTIFUL, where you been
Whut don't kill you makes you STRONGER, in DRIVE-BYS barely then
Now Sia heart, TITANIUM then try to ask for mercy
EVERYONE TALKS they FEEL SO CLOSE, and I'M ALL YOURS is tha first thing
But if you're not WANTED to COME OVER, then you're stuff outta luck
Love TAILGATES AND TANLINES on these damn dimes and 9's
That BEEZ IN THA TRAP, BEERS AGO, on MAPS that we cant find
I'm over you, I FLY OVER STATES, in skies hopin
TONGUE TIED cuz that bridge I burned it down, NO LIE with EYES OPEN

Y'all remember, whut it used to be
To whut it is now, its whut we choose to be
So if I have a choice, to fly away like eagles
Or be held down, then I'm stayin single

They ask me if i love these hoes, and stupid bitches
I make Stevie Wonder, SUPERSTITIOUS
Won't take a STUPID GIRL, even if tha soups delicious
Or no Fashion Nuggets, just to shoot THA DISTANCE
Cuz WHUT I GOT in tha world i know, YOU LEARN, TOO MUCH
If YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME, it wouldn't bring DA FUNK
There's nothing more than SEX AND CANDY to a FLAGPOLE SITTA
In ONE WEEK, i'll turn you INSIDE OUT, to make that asshole SHIMMER

Y'all remember, whut it used to be
To whut it is now, its whut we choose to be
So if I have a choice, to fly away like eagles
Or be held down, then I'm stayin single
Track Name: A World Like...
Just walk in my sneaks
5 blocks down tha road then cross to my street
To a crib, where off to tha side be
Any imagining of tha wildest thing
Imagined in an image, not a childish scene
In a world like I've seen, its that mildest thing
How high, as high as jamal and silas p
Off that get him to tha greek type Aldous C
In tha depths of perception to stylish fiends
And tha person you dislike is crowned tha king
Then he's killed so they can. Pass tha crown
Whuts it like when his earth comes crashing down
Is that something you can fathom now
As an intellect or an average scound
Put ya guard down and let me in
I'm curious to know so let's begin

As I think back now
To tha days when I used to be a class clown
To provoke peeps to make laugh sounds
Wit Moms in tha back decreatly says sit yo ass down
I remember being outside allowed to run a muck
Wit a spirit thats free just to sum it up
It’s crazy how we fall of just by loosing this grip
Hanging out wit homies, and getting into mischeif
These are tha past times, that pass like a fast time
Reflected on thru grass and mad pine
As you country cruise in a rad ride
Just whut it used to be to be in that mind
But as we grow we gain knowledge thru experience
And wisdom thru learning from mistakes, moving on and clearing it
Forgive and forget cuz I see whut it is
But I won’t apologize for being a kid.......
Track Name: Devils
There's something I wanna ask you and try
To really contemplate tha answer as you decide
Whut if from conception thru tha act of your life
You were destined to fail once yo ass saw tha light
Thrown onto this 3rd rock of a barrell of crabs
N-securites concealed with tha newest apparell and brag
Just another thing used as a smoke screen influence
To keep a king thinking as a slave and teach tha seeds congruent
When there's devils and demons, its not just heaven or eclipse
Its about believing peace within to settle ya feelins
Balance body wit mineral metal, for grevious
To be cool like that, Digable planet achieving
So consider that when I say I dealt wit tha fact
That I was unable to love, except in tha sack
Not knowing articulation, it hardened me to stone
With tha whip lash, and tha scars recieved i own
Self hate and loathing past down for over 400
And tha fact that I didnt get it till now is whuts more stunning
Yeah slavery's bad, and Nigger is fucking racist
But understand why bitches act "Ratchet" in public places
Cuz when there's no medium, in which to express
you store it inside and keep it compress
Which when built up, over flows to unleash disrespect
Then its THEIR fault, nigga please, incorrect
If someone dislike then they're called a hater
But if 20 say it then look at tha common denominator
Cuz if your reality is messed up, you gotta switch it up
If YOU keep getting in bar fights drunk, STOP GETTING LIQUORED UP
And if that doesn't help, then quit going to tha bar
But doing nothing is still accepting, and owning to tha scars
Inflicted when you Baby dad's in full mount, ground and pound
Thinkin you shoulda been gone, headed east bound and down
Cuz you experience hell, when you're sub-curious dwells
On tha wrong doings based in judgements, on delirous scales
That becomes YOUR reality, cuz to you its a serious tale
PERSONAL PROBLEM, thus warry of self
So tha reflects to projects, thats which you dislike
To bring others down to you, to about a fifth size
Cuz tha frown just diguised, tha clown up inside
Just as an official of tha game, i'm down wit pin stripe
Is this right? Did i sorta kinda nail it
Thats whut she said, But if you fuckin wit my helmet
You'll come back wit a limp like u walkin wit an ailment
Or even worse buried where tha cabbage and tha calle is
Cuz I dont put it past ANYONE that uses bad for evil
Jesus helps wit demons, and for earth shit I grab tha Eagle
Just tha truth and tha Reason without tha ads from Siegel
Get it right tha first time, cuz you dont have a redo
Track Name: PEACE
STATUS, in tha physical, I’m chilling wit tha fam
Gettin money is tha plan, But playin tha givin hand
Relying more on THA FATHER, trying to live this life
In tha actual sense, living for mine
Tha beliefs, and tha values, Tha knowledge that I speak
On whutever volume, stenographered is me
Contrived from tha cranial cavity of an Average B
L-A-C-K, sippin from a Chalice brings a graphic scene
Not where I wanna be Monetarily, but where I need to be
And that makes me happy, so let freedom ring
Because this is much deeper than whut tha slaves fought for
Its whut every parent wants for child, and whut I hope u taught yours
I’m talking pure happiness, clear in tha flesh
Clear from ya chest, push fear to tha left, plus mind and body and ya spirit is just
So mentally I’m on tha right track I feel
This is like a reset and this time i will

never forfeit, give it up or quit
get tha feeling of defeat and absorb it
cuz just to put away your gift
means that you wanna be sleep and dormant
Thats why im gone, gone, gone
Peace, love, and grease, I'm on it
Be glad for me not mournin
Pour out some drinks y'all for him
Cuz I'm gone, gone gone

For everyone to know when I’m done wit this
Sincerley signed yours X and O’s wit a hug and kiss
Don’t judge my mistakes, learn from whut I didn’t do
Break tha cycle, Start anew as a different you
Cuz change is within, and wading thru tha Styx
Raising like a phoenix’s how you feel when you repent
Worry leads to fear and fear leads to anger
Which leads to tha negative force that you aim fer
Which equals baggage for a trip weighing you as an anchor
And thus you wont fly right, putting ya self in danger
Cuz I’ll be damned if I loose you like Aaliyah and Left Eye
I’ll sacrifice myself and they can get you tha next try
True bliss is everyday feeling like you just SPA’d
Revert back to childhood, then you get to just GOD
And to Go wit, can’t be as just odd
As if a Muslim does dies in tha name against a Spetsnaz
Track Name: Legacy
Its a new dawn, a new day wit a new light
Set out to do tha best, so its gotta be right
Pushing passed tha struggles and dichotomy like
Left and right spreading apart tha things that we fight
For, hungry for more and you can see bites
When stated that it would be hard, know they mean life
You see I, believe why tha strong survive
Because, when lifes all you got, u give your all or die
So we try, to stay afloat, but as u starting to rise
Tha pressure pulls you down, becoming far from tha sky
But thats when you power up on par wit tha High
To then dry ya wings, elevate and soar in tha sky
To seem just like a Phoenix as you get above tha ashes
But right below space and time to get tha love and magic
Of perpetual bliss, and just accept tha condish
Of whuts given today, cuz tha presents a gift
Hard work, determination, plus practice and rest
Meditation and heart, combined in acts in tha flesh
Will equal complete power, so after tha test
You know wit certainty and wit passion it’s just
An exceptional privilege, to see above ignorance
That this relates to working wit a mind or wit a fist
Wisdoms gonna live cuz knowlegde is free
All you have to do is open your eyes to tha promise and see


(I’ma make it) I live and believe GREAT
(I’ma make it) So if you dont then please skate
(I’ma make it) On tha knees when we pray
(I’ma make it) And meditate wit conceived faith
(I’ma make it) My legacy rates
(I’ma make it) If u recieve and see then please STATE


Ya business whut is this, point tha direction
Speak whut in tha heart, dont avoid tha confession
Get to know self wit appointed reflection
Then others will assist you in your forward projection
And you’ll know you protected, cuz tha conscence is clear
Action from a thoughts all it takes to conquer ya fear
And to do other wise would be like a common sin
I want everything i touch to be gold like Solomn
Most is bottled water, hidden and confined
I’m tryin to make waterfalls for an infinite supply
To ensure not everything living is a lie
So when yo soul rises, people know tha ribbon in tha sky
To give a man a pie, and he eats for tha night
But teach a woman to bake, then its treats for ya life
Or remainder, and let go of sadness and anger
Wit thoughts of a kid, but tha swag is a Ranger
To stay closer to Him, but survive on tha earth
To tha dust we go to die, cuz we arrived from tha dirt

All these words are from tha chest, so I believe in mine
But when you go, whut kinda of Legacy you gon’ leave behind