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This song is about becoming original.. Draw from influences, but make it your own...


Whut is it wit niggaz fakin to tha maximum, birthing zombie clones to attract tha mass to em
A man of god as a pastors son, but these street fighters won't harrass a bum
From an Axiom, we tha allies, so we don't identify in tha Axis's
You don't have to repay me, cuz there no fee for awesome or attractiveness
Some have tha spit but they lack tha gift, unless gone off a jeffry and half a fifth
So to tha pen and pad my ass commits, tha rest can eat teriyaki soaked nads and dicks
Cuz you ain't seen war unless there's scabs from hits, of a task that's meant to be ya last event
To barely make it past tha inch, of yo life in tha pinch of ya last defense
To hit an audible to a pass prevent, if u don't like tha answer, don't ask me then
Leave fresh prints, like jazzys friend, or stay tha baby of tha fam like Ashley did
Are we matchin cigs, nigga wrap tha B, when I see these clown I be laughin G
Cuz while they putting on an act to me, they down inside, and its sad to see
But it is HaHa funny, when Madonnas don't make Lady Gaga money
So they settle down in a town, and can't smoke, cuz all u left wit is a knick like Lala's honey
Then u back on ya grown, but lackin a home, in exile from tha attack of tha clones
Be careful, who you let jack in your dome, and tha only witness is that of ya own

Genocide to copies go ahead and kill yoself

In tha end it is tarnished, in tha shallow end, tha direct concept of tha artist
Because u aspire to be, just like those u desire to see
And be heard by prior to scenes, shot in limbo environment free
Tha tyrant in me, was selected then infected, by those who swore that my rights were protected
But tha prospect did become a weapon only due to tha concious indirected
Thus accepted to be responsible, for tha power they was giving and tha constant toll
That it pays on tha body if ya want to fold, no mercy for tha weak i once was told
When it come to cold I'm antarctican, believing for a reason to spark again
and get together with tha parliment, to create a constitution to start again
No partisans or protestants, just tha higher power of God is it
Without it, you going on a toxic binge, regardless of spending on ya wod of 10's
but at anytime God forgives, no if or ands or arguements
Create ya own mold and dont copy men, without a base you can not begin


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: Louis Rich




all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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