B. E. Niggans

from by Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon)

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Just some lyrical Shenanigans exhibited here...


B rolling 2 minutes, as long as tha task takes
Smack a fat bitch butt, to see how her ass shakes
Take tha fruits of life in a bowl then add grapes
Make a nutritious diet to lose weight at a fast pace
Head to open mic, to set fire to mic stands
Then drink until developing an off drunken like stance
Then we str8 soaring, unbeknownst to a flight plan
Go home and take something down wit a light tan
Redbones or homegirl roast like a Thai bake
Wake and hydrate, from fornicating a primate
How much possible dick can a dime take
Before she stops acting all jealous and Irate
Question marks, to tha awkwardest pause
Thinkin about a strange ass stalker in drawls
Thats tha only time I’ll be missin in action
Suffer a head rush from tha kiss of tha dragon
Been in tha game a minute, u couldn’t bench Nig
You smell whut I'm on, in tha nose where tha stench digs
Imprints, that lead to nausea and then sick
Then come out thin fit, ready to inflict
A movement thats subject to improvment
But if we abuse it, its gonna be doomed then
And trust if u follow my words, it will be proven
That yo stranglehold will be equal or greater than Nuge's
Pinned up wit contusions felt like a car crash
If you silly wit it, give them that smart ass
But don't forget tha flavor of organic tart razz
Or it'll make ya work double like a Mario Kart dash
Approach it fearless in tha shadows of a dark mass
Beginning wit an Idea, in tha brain where it's sparked at
Make an Ironman, like Tony Starks dad
So if it don't amount, then you wrong in ya sharp math

Invest well, especially knowing that sex sells
Will you profit from tha product, only success tells
Limelight and shine bright, thus makin it less pale
Whether spitin bars like jungle gyms, or tha best jails
True, forget tails, unless teamed wit a hedgehog
Until I’m buggin like tha scene in a dead log
Blow down wood till tha smog of a dead fog
B’s, I K-9 without knowledge of said dogs
Me been to college, well heck naw
Tha spits right, cuz tha vocab is in check y’all
Ass clean in white pants, no need to go get drawls
Teach tha tykes, then I’ll go eat wit tha Westfalls
But to say u done this, and aint taken just one dip
As in naked swimming or removings of one chip
From a sauce, only concludes that you done shit
You better get ya job back at Dun-Miff
Or ask God to bless you in tha present wit some gift
Unless wanna try to get hard like numb tits
Area around tha areola, barely sober
Beatin punks to submission just to declare its over
Cuz you can’t popcorn like Kerasotes
Fight of tha night, no we don’t share tha bonus
From these 2 pieces, i bet you’ll be warry from
Knowing it turned ya precious moment to a scary one
Delarious, thinkin age of aquarius
I’ll abort fools before they can be born ceserion
Fuck all tha sub-woofing coming from Clarion
Get my dairy on, in hopes of sippin that Perignon
Black Magic wit tha waving of varied wands
Or tinker wit tha world, to go get ya fairy on
As my Rhapsody, is like Queen, it carries on
Cuz one of these will be a homerun like Barry Bonds


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: SuperCoon

Co-Produced by: Mohrer Les



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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