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About Putting work in and being one with GOD..


Tha time is now to get back to tha base
To denounce would be a smack in tha face
To change rearrange whut you currently plan
Trust in HIM, you most certainly can

Nigs demeanor is for kids to receive tha
Teachings from Jesus, or Buddha just to lead a
Life closer to peace, not coasting but rolling
At a pace thats slow enough to smell all tha roses
One of HIS kids so I feel I’m a chosen
Bask in tha light of sun, live like I’m golden
Cuz I’m living life for him, a present in which
Is wrapped in this packaging, cuz he said its a gift
When going to be wit him, it’s better than this
When tha world weighs u down, he helps wit incredible lift
I hope this legible piff is as comprehended as etiquette
Understanding all, tha subject and tha predicate
Known from Baja Cali up to Connecticut
Don’t act like tha rest of tha 3rd rock is irrelevant
Free just like a pelican, whether homeless or felon men
Put ya cards in HIS box, than you sure as hell’ll win

Pressure makes diamonds, or crushes individuals
To sell and make a profit or to put you in tha critical
Life equals Gods gift, plus fluid from tha genitals
Combined wit tha pot we call tha womb, increasing chemical
Action and re-action of tha atoms that split
Into zygotes then to more complex actions will commit
To form tha body of tha animal that is with-in
Physical, plus tha spiritual, now fathom tha gift
Given when I recite this prodical spit
Thats given from Tha Father like a conjucal hit
That I’ll end up enlightened’s whut tha Omen omits
But to perceive and believe, is a promise you’re his
Not tryin to come at you like a reverened intels
And Peace only speaks of tha heaven in self
Tha bars come from everywhere, but NEVER from jails
I’m part him, so feel me as letters in braile.......

I’m here to intertwine ya ventricles, and interline ya minerals
Written lines are beneful, because time is minimal
I’m here to climb to pinnacle, as a spirit of life in general
Dip and chime in tervals, adhere to light and spirituals
I’m here to bring peace, and calm instead of releasing bombs
That cause infections in baby’s of Tahitian moms
Just read tha psalms, and let buddah greet wit palms
Cause before you go against, KNOW you can’t defeat a GOD
Contrary to pop belief, I gotta conceive
That change comes from self, and if u opt to agree
Then u understand tha just and got tha degree
Of praise and thanks it means a lot to me G
Things won't exist, if there's no acknowledgement
Focus tha solstice, to achieve deeper solaces
Cause everything you learn probably won't be from colleges
It'll be from THA PARENT, cuz we are OUR FATHER'S KIDS......


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: SuperCoon



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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