from by Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon)

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Whut goes for one, stands for all... If one can do it, ALL can do it..


Can you say that you know you, or do you blame others for your bad luck
Just a mad fuck, running all thru ya life, kinda trife feeling like ya ass stuck
And then attack us, as if we responsible for you, what you don't know and what you look at
Is tha fact that what you eat don't make me shit, you just make yaself look bad
Cause now you exhibiting traits that are animalistic, then tha terrible miscon-
Seption, is to act as a bitch is, then you can't stop same as an addiction
Bitter girls become bitter teens, which then develops to a woman's scorn
Until she's depleted and bombed out, as war in middle eastern countries becomin torn
It might sound wack, but you can bounce back, thru a profound act, called getting to know you
Not on tha outside, but tha inside, in heart, in mind and tha whole truth
I'm talkin tha WO-MAN in tha mirror, to kill tha energy of ya enemy, then you see,
Ya Zen will be, channeled and clear vision centering for empathy mimicking
And once you do that I guarantee that you will be so self aware
With a giant weight lifted off ya shoulders, and so light you can see yaself on air
GOD bless tha child that has their own, and deal with your acts child or grown
And whut you put out is whut you get back, no exceptions from now till gone

In this world you gotta know, everyone's not gonna show you honesty
So when you act, then you own, and that's just a part of growing responsibly,
Knowing that tha... same thing goes...
*For tha goose and gander, or tha Cougars and Panthers, that'll look inside of theyself for tha truth in tha answer
**For tha Gander and Goose, because tha plans to produce, a strong base from
penetrating tha deep and planting tha roots

Do you believe that tha identical goes for every individual
Not from morally biblical stand points, but tha stand point that tha same goes for tha original
As if you was a, smooth dude dating 2 bad ones, but one cheats and admits this
So as a result, outta revolt you go upside her head, do you have tha right to get pissed
Tha equidistance between he and tha misses is similar when speaking on him or her
Cuz I'm just proving G, that's its equal oppurtunity, for you and me congruent, read tha literature
Cuz for sho tho, whut you don't know, it had to restore tha balance, gravitating more toward tha core to challenge
Tha inner most of tha host whether they accept or abort to tha court, because they were born of malice
Just be versed in, if I murk him, then I serve 10, but then karmatically I'm hurtin
So I loose my life, I deserve it
By this purpose, stay virtuous by sharing your experiences in church cliques
Or talkin to a counselor about your tribs, to get it off your chest and make life perfect
Or at least, close to pic you depict or imagine, how you live whut your thinkin or fathom
If you aim for tha rings up at Saturn, tha opposite can happen if believed and encountered
But if balance is acheived nothing matters, whether on your own or made to from affirmative acts
And remember if u feel empty, to do tha opposite cuz whut I'm stating is certainally facts


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: JunioR BeatZ



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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