from by Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon)

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An account on whut I was doing, picking up where "He's Cornbread" left off...


Awake on a cloudy day and set tha ship for course
Get baked in a cloud of haze, then sexual intercourse
But then hate surrounds a stage for threats to get enforced
For signatures around a page, that just ends in divorce
Now I'm, eastbound and down to persue whut's procrastinational
Greeted once I touched down wit pounds by this dude at a skater show
So we start dro, and hard toe, he says his name is HarshPro
We hits bars whole, and sparks flows from tha chest, no Tony Stark tho
Weather seen through Ororo's ojos, he proposed slow
Why don't we, nosotros, rock Canopy for sho tho
I said I see a great idea like Taco Doritos Locos
Open for locals my job, plus rolled dough at Manolos
Stayed wit D and J, fallouts between me and A
Its gravy, you and yo wife hit me up is all I need to say
Met Ahksana on my birthday thru J. Kelly
Moved to 504, wit Sam, Hayden, and this dude named Belly
Harshpro and half of tha Agenda of Kristov
Plus some asshole that stole my Xbox, I'm pissed off
But I digress, so my main goal was to get focused
Just when I thought tha shits hopeless, I got back up wit Hipgnosis
We collabed, Ear Responsibily he produced, and my pen wrote it
Until it was time to go inside tha booth and let my lips quote it
So developed black magic, also wit some bad habits
Stuff that old folks see us do and yell dag-nab-it
Didn't care, my mentality was when I saw that ass, tag it
Getting beavers angry like one's Norb and that's Daggit
After tha sperm was spittin, i'd purchase some German tickets
To get as close to Gods crib as possible because tha words repentance
In retrospect, I understand why it needed to happen
Because I was my worst foe, I need to attack him
Upon defeat, I sway him to die
Cuz you'll go thru nothing worse than tha war raging inside
Beat up all tha demons, and rose up like a phoenix
Or D is, to shine brighter than a sun burst wit a helix
Then something happened, it seemed tha worlds a better place
Better hope, for better wrotes, wit better dro, for better taste
Better hoes, from better clothes, sip better drinks, we never chase
S o get along, those little dog, and any race, you'll never place
Or elevate, and excovate tha landscape of you
Tha strength of a thousand can never shake tha damn faith of two
I know whut I'm to do, can y'all cats manage
Is whut I ask my boy and GM at Fat Sandwich
Yeah man be wit ya kids, because they need they pops
And if you ever come back to Tha Paign, hit me if u need a job
As well as for tha seeds I tried to help certain peeps
They didn't want it for themselves, so I started working G
So first I released MISS'N, produced by Lou Rich of Misenthrope
N Other Words was clean, but not enough for christian folks
Took a break, then Teegle asked would I come smoke wit him
introduced me to TZ, then I dropped tha KOKUJIN
Then AutoCOON 1 & 2 is giving mo dinners
Until I arrive here today as GOLDNIGGER


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: B.U.C. of 95 Mental



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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