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When you go, whut kind of legacy you gonna leave behind?


Its a new dawn, a new day wit a new light
Set out to do tha best, so its gotta be right
Pushing passed tha struggles and dichotomy like
Left and right spreading apart tha things that we fight
For, hungry for more and you can see bites
When stated that it would be hard, know they mean life
You see I, believe why tha strong survive
Because, when lifes all you got, u give your all or die
So we try, to stay afloat, but as u starting to rise
Tha pressure pulls you down, becoming far from tha sky
But thats when you power up on par wit tha High
To then dry ya wings, elevate and soar in tha sky
To seem just like a Phoenix as you get above tha ashes
But right below space and time to get tha love and magic
Of perpetual bliss, and just accept tha condish
Of whuts given today, cuz tha presents a gift
Hard work, determination, plus practice and rest
Meditation and heart, combined in acts in tha flesh
Will equal complete power, so after tha test
You know wit certainty and wit passion it’s just
An exceptional privilege, to see above ignorance
That this relates to working wit a mind or wit a fist
Wisdoms gonna live cuz knowlegde is free
All you have to do is open your eyes to tha promise and see


(I’ma make it) I live and believe GREAT
(I’ma make it) So if you dont then please skate
(I’ma make it) On tha knees when we pray
(I’ma make it) And meditate wit conceived faith
(I’ma make it) My legacy rates
(I’ma make it) If u recieve and see then please STATE


Ya business whut is this, point tha direction
Speak whut in tha heart, dont avoid tha confession
Get to know self wit appointed reflection
Then others will assist you in your forward projection
And you’ll know you protected, cuz tha conscence is clear
Action from a thoughts all it takes to conquer ya fear
And to do other wise would be like a common sin
I want everything i touch to be gold like Solomn
Most is bottled water, hidden and confined
I’m tryin to make waterfalls for an infinite supply
To ensure not everything living is a lie
So when yo soul rises, people know tha ribbon in tha sky
To give a man a pie, and he eats for tha night
But teach a woman to bake, then its treats for ya life
Or remainder, and let go of sadness and anger
Wit thoughts of a kid, but tha swag is a Ranger
To stay closer to Him, but survive on tha earth
To tha dust we go to die, cuz we arrived from tha dirt

All these words are from tha chest, so I believe in mine
But when you go, whut kinda of Legacy you gon’ leave behind


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: SuperCoon



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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