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Last will & Testament


STATUS, in tha physical, I’m chilling wit tha fam
Gettin money is tha plan, But playin tha givin hand
Relying more on THA FATHER, trying to live this life
In tha actual sense, living for mine
Tha beliefs, and tha values, Tha knowledge that I speak
On whutever volume, stenographered is me
Contrived from tha cranial cavity of an Average B
L-A-C-K, sippin from a Chalice brings a graphic scene
Not where I wanna be Monetarily, but where I need to be
And that makes me happy, so let freedom ring
Because this is much deeper than whut tha slaves fought for
Its whut every parent wants for child, and whut I hope u taught yours
I’m talking pure happiness, clear in tha flesh
Clear from ya chest, push fear to tha left, plus mind and body and ya spirit is just
So mentally I’m on tha right track I feel
This is like a reset and this time i will

never forfeit, give it up or quit
get tha feeling of defeat and absorb it
cuz just to put away your gift
means that you wanna be sleep and dormant
Thats why im gone, gone, gone
Peace, love, and grease, I'm on it
Be glad for me not mournin
Pour out some drinks y'all for him
Cuz I'm gone, gone gone

For everyone to know when I’m done wit this
Sincerley signed yours X and O’s wit a hug and kiss
Don’t judge my mistakes, learn from whut I didn’t do
Break tha cycle, Start anew as a different you
Cuz change is within, and wading thru tha Styx
Raising like a phoenix’s how you feel when you repent
Worry leads to fear and fear leads to anger
Which leads to tha negative force that you aim fer
Which equals baggage for a trip weighing you as an anchor
And thus you wont fly right, putting ya self in danger
Cuz I’ll be damned if I loose you like Aaliyah and Left Eye
I’ll sacrifice myself and they can get you tha next try
True bliss is everyday feeling like you just SPA’d
Revert back to childhood, then you get to just GOD
And to Go wit, can’t be as just odd
As if a Muslim does dies in tha name against a Spetsnaz


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced By: SuperCoon



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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