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If it comes down to you or me... its gonna be ME...


Raw I'm a give it to ya, wit no trivia
I put that on Mya, Lijah, and Olivia
Pressure makes diamonds, but here it break tibias
Wit a movement big enough to replace Libya wit late India
Debate anyone, disgrace tha face of injured thugs
Till sour like a lemon cuz, they now have fake appendages
So now a timid buzz, combined wit heroin and buds
Makes for an addiction confliction, as those off prescription drugs
Considered such, when copying whut your mentor does
Gain knowledge of aliens without tha sensor fuzz
Make sure to see tha stops, or else you'll miss your bus
And become a commander of hatred against tha Venture Bros
I'm kneeing my way out when tha Thai clinch is plum
Leave opponents disturbed, after they've been stricken some
To get tha message out is tha mission bum
Same as a knights tale by Ulrich Von Lichten son


A sickened bum, that makes bitches cum off a hit and run
Smoked to tha roach end, after being lit, it is done
Attack high, mid, low counter hits to different stuns
Dinners ate in bulk, satisfied, when tha shipments done
Clean up scraps, swifter floors and Libman crumbs
Laughin at cats like they jokes is hittin guts
Then rest on tha porch wit lemonade in my Lipton son
For that sweet life as Zach living in tha Tipton, just
Can't be beat even if u working jerks
When rappin is whuts happenin like Dirt McGirt
Strip dry ya red meat, until there's jerky perks
Vegans don't want rap beef, then Tofurkey works
Then purp is burned in salute to tha foreGods
After taking thousands wit tha strength of hardcore bods
If left to me, u taking one to tha head
You can tell who tha losers, he's tha one that is dead


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: JunioR BeatZ



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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