from by Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon)

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A song about being crazy for wanting more for hip-hop


Sing song spit this, ping pong hits with
Teams strong gifted, scheme on business
Greet our wishes, See all digits
Beyond six figs, be on trips lit
See lithe misses, King Kong dick them
Me pipe chick then, ding dong ditch them
Bring bong wit piff, steam drawn when hit
We gone lifted, here dawg, split this...
Cigarillo for pillows no little type of Willow B's
Yo quiero dinero to purchase some Black Widow please
No comparo, to cero fiend wit tha itch for cortizone
Because El Perro, El Perro, El Perro es mi corazon
Illistrater, to fill in haters on current policy
Seal discussions from sylibustin tha verbs demolishing
Tha grounds in which you standing comparable to Gamorrah
To be diagnosed wit sickness and loving disorder, u can't...


I can look into my mind, into tha past and rewind, to remind me that I'm going insane...

So for tha rest of my life, won't get upset cuz I like, this new feeling of laughing at tha poor and vein...

So take a look in my eyes, just to see if you find, tha reason why I'm going insane...

If I perceive it as real, because I think then I feel, can u sheild my ashes from tha pouring rain


Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la, connect tha dots and get tha pic
Get in tha shop and kick it till its Leprechuan indigenous
Deflect tha rods of Icarus, effecting spawns of insulence
Protecting pawns and idiots, protesting all tha immigrants
Arresting Wongs, Niggers, Spicks rejecting y'all religous myths
Ejecting all tha gender mixed
Bring genocide to innocents
Kamikaze killer, on a pill of meth concealing fear
Meaning death is certain, so when it come there's no feeling here
If given choice to take red or blue, how would you weigh ya vote
Would you try to break from tha grid or blindly pray for hope
Manning up and raising ya kids, or money on tha road
Do you leave or stay for tha seeds, cuz that's no place to grow
For stability, you need a strong base and structure
Tha right supplies, and hard work, I see it going upward
Then you'll be touching stars, so when doubt comes in dreams
If u think it is, tha minds a powerful thing



To teach, is whut I would hope to do, so you know tha scoop
Beginning and ending wit ego, giving a feeling of pride like Sokoujou
Concealing tha healing, or dealing and killing tha demons so there's hope for you
Cuz villians are willing, to finish, diminish from pealing ya cap or dome to blue
So for true, first you gotta understand tha method of madness
Develop tha core, perfect and explore to advance to tha head of tha classes
So fed up wit tha bad men, tellin tha masses, listen to this and listen to that
Producing tha sounds of a fake chow, I dive into lickin tha cat
Cuts conceived cause compassion created
Crust concedes cross catastrophy catered
Odd obtainings ooze organisms
Oz ovulating original organ rhythms
Rectified rightcheousness ready raw repentance
Respected rhyme, ripe in rits, reject, recall, re-niggings
Note nuclear non-chalance neglecting Naboo
Nuture, N-correct nomeclature, Corn Tha Coon


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: JunioR BeatZ



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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