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You need to deal with your demons, before accepting GODS blessings


There's something I wanna ask you and try
To really contemplate tha answer as you decide
Whut if from conception thru tha act of your life
You were destined to fail once yo ass saw tha light
Thrown onto this 3rd rock of a barrell of crabs
N-securites concealed with tha newest apparell and brag
Just another thing used as a smoke screen influence
To keep a king thinking as a slave and teach tha seeds congruent
When there's devils and demons, its not just heaven or eclipse
Its about believing peace within to settle ya feelins
Balance body wit mineral metal, for grevious
To be cool like that, Digable planet achieving
So consider that when I say I dealt wit tha fact
That I was unable to love, except in tha sack
Not knowing articulation, it hardened me to stone
With tha whip lash, and tha scars recieved i own
Self hate and loathing past down for over 400
And tha fact that I didnt get it till now is whuts more stunning
Yeah slavery's bad, and Nigger is fucking racist
But understand why bitches act "Ratchet" in public places
Cuz when there's no medium, in which to express
you store it inside and keep it compress
Which when built up, over flows to unleash disrespect
Then its THEIR fault, nigga please, incorrect
If someone dislike then they're called a hater
But if 20 say it then look at tha common denominator
Cuz if your reality is messed up, you gotta switch it up
If YOU keep getting in bar fights drunk, STOP GETTING LIQUORED UP
And if that doesn't help, then quit going to tha bar
But doing nothing is still accepting, and owning to tha scars
Inflicted when you Baby dad's in full mount, ground and pound
Thinkin you shoulda been gone, headed east bound and down
Cuz you experience hell, when you're sub-curious dwells
On tha wrong doings based in judgements, on delirous scales
That becomes YOUR reality, cuz to you its a serious tale
PERSONAL PROBLEM, thus warry of self
So tha reflects to projects, thats which you dislike
To bring others down to you, to about a fifth size
Cuz tha frown just diguised, tha clown up inside
Just as an official of tha game, i'm down wit pin stripe
Is this right? Did i sorta kinda nail it
Thats whut she said, But if you fuckin wit my helmet
You'll come back wit a limp like u walkin wit an ailment
Or even worse buried where tha cabbage and tha calle is
Cuz I dont put it past ANYONE that uses bad for evil
Jesus helps wit demons, and for earth shit I grab tha Eagle
Just tha truth and tha Reason without tha ads from Siegel
Get it right tha first time, cuz you dont have a redo


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: SuperCoon

Co-Producer: JunioR BeatZ



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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