Sorry Charlie (Murphy)

from by Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon)

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This is about living in tha moment.. Let ya mind be free


Don't sir, say to your self that its over, remain collectively sober, and have some drive like a schoffer
Dream like Olajuwans poster, because tha world is ya oyster, so make it rain and get moister, that's my opinion, just voice yours, boy or,
Womanly body wit femininity, taste so sweet like cinnamon to me
WEEOO, WEEOO Arnie Palmie alert, lemon in tha tea
On my daughter, give a Mogwai water, into making these cuts I don't con my barber
No Enzyte, but I'm harder, in tha mug I'm smarter, nigga plus I'm darker
So I'm fuckin something on Cicero, or Exchange when we spit to hoes
If you missed it tho acting Episcapol, U stay a sidekick, Joe Piscapo
Pop shit like eating chewed up gum, Chop it up then get screwed up some
Smokin on some Bs and consume up rum
Til I'm sorry Charlie Murphy havin to much fun
Lookin at girls wit too much bum, Not ones wit cups and tha spewed up chum
But ones that keep they little pink duck pretty, Not tha fecal flowers from shit butt city
High in tha sky, stayin fly till we die, Tha pilot is I, so try to see my
Fusion provided wit common surprise


Get your favorite drink and kick it like tha end of days
And let your mind be free
If you want to adapt, you have to begin to change
So let your mind be free
Owning up to self, that is tha only way
To Let your mind be free
And live like you're a child at play
Just let it go you'll see

Pause indirect for tha cause and effect, when you made to feel tha rhythm from ya balls to ya neck
No clause to protect tha involved intellect, cause you just lost one, all from a threat
Now calmly collect, tha result of tha mess, that is the epidamy of an ego trip
Like I lost my mind is how Tha Negro spits, In tha Aragon (air-a-gone) on some Viggo shit
If I like a chick well then he gone hit, if she likes my guy, well then we gone get
In a minage after she pours this, shots of Vodka and Seagrams Gin
We gon live, in tha mind of an artist creating a beautiful plaque
Cause all that he know is, You only get a chance at tha hands no moving them back


from GOLDNIGGER, released January 20, 2013
Produced by: Agent K of Dojo Dungeon



all rights reserved


Corn Tha Coon (SuperCoon) Springfield, Illinois

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